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Monday, August 14, 2006

How To End Lebanese Suffering

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First of all, excuse my insensitivity.
I feel very strongly against what's happening in Lebanon. I also feel very strongly against helplessness . That's why the situation in Lebanon was especially dilemmatic for me. I simply couldn't just shake my head in sorrow, or chant empty slogans.
That feeling didn't go away until I discussed it with a friend. Now before I go on, let me tell you that this friend is one of the wisest people I ever knew. He is also very depression prone, and had he any real talents, he would have been a great artist, but because he doesn't have any, he is just plain suicidal.
The day I met that friend, he was, unnaturally, upbeat. After the usual chit chat, I asked him what he thought about the situation in Lebanon. He answered "nothing". Trying to know the reason for that indifference of a very opinionated character, I inquired about what he meant, so he answered me "See, you once told me something which is very true [me touting my own horn-Editor], there is no beginnings and no ends, everything is either an improvement or a deterioration, but things are all connected"
Friend: "Nothing, what's happening in Lebanon is the same as what's happening here in Egypt, people are beaten up by the police, I know, but it's not even about that, it is that every one of us bya'7od 3ala 2affah [is getting beaten on the back of his neck--approx =kicked in the ass] in work, in the street, and even in personal relations, so it's not very strange that a whole country bya'7od 3ala 2affah"
"So," the friend continued "I decided to aid Lebanon"
Me: [interested] "How?"
Friend: "You know how I hate my job, hate where I work, hate my boss, and hate how everybody is kissing ass all the time?"
I nod
Friend: "And you know how reluctant I was to actually search for other jobs because I thought this one was convenient enough?"
I nod again
Friend: "Well," he pauses for effect "I quit my job!"
Then he leaned forward, looked me in the eyes, and said in a tone, hadn't he been such a chubby fellow, would be fit of William Wallace "I decided that mesh ha'7od 3ala 2afaya [I won't be beaten on the back of my neck] ever again!!"

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In order to help people, you should be able to stand out for yourself as a first step. I guess he's helping them in one way or another.

By Blogger Belya, at August 14, 2006 9:51 PM  

just as long as he isn't rioting in the street and getting himself killed, it is definately a step forward in terms of character development to decide not to be smacked on the 2affa by the status quo

By Blogger La Gitana, at August 17, 2006 1:45 PM  

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