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Monday, August 07, 2006


Moved on! Check TheCairoCalls

As some of you may have noticed (I hope!), I haven't been writing for a while. The reason was an avalanche of personal as well as professional commitments. And since this avalanche hasn't subside yet (it got worse actually), I decided to resume writing anyhow (that's not the "Twisted" part in the title, although it would make a very good candidate)

Now let me tell you this: I haven't been writing about Lebanon, not because of disinterest, but rather because of a mixed case of confusion, and helplessness. A combination which I find both foreign, and repulsive.
What spurred me to write was a discussion with a friend who argued that, you know what, Israel is better than Hezbollah because while Hezbollah tries to kill civilians by firing rockets at their cities but misses because of its poor equipment, Israelies, on the other hand, have the capability to kill millions (by "carpet bombing"--he seemed to be so fond of the phrase!) but they don't, and kill only thousands, so they're, you know, cool!
I wouldn't comment (on this or the situation in general) now. I want you to just behold the logic.

The Goddamn LOGIC!

Moved on!


Actually, this is logic based on ignorance. Just yesterday Hizballah proved their capability to kill a dozen people at once by firing a rocket on the base where the Israeli soldiers were. This is the FIRST time that a Hizballah rocket kills this number of people. So the capability is there. If they want to kill civilians they can, but they choose not to! The rockets they fire into Israeli depth are only to prove that they can.

And regarding Israel's capability. It's quite the contrary! Israel's extremely sofisticated artilary and technology can identify targets better than any army on the face of this earth. But because they HELPLESSLY failed to win the man to man battles with Hizballah, they are bombing women and children to punish the Lebanese people, to scare them AND to send the message of "Here's what happens when you support the resistance!". They are trying to make Hizballah's own families and children (the majority of the south are the families of the men fighting the battles), turn against them. Only proves the more how stupid and helpless they are :)

By Blogger سامية, at August 07, 2006 1:56 PM  

With all due respect to your spirit, Samia, I'm afraid you've made a couple of wrong points there yourself.

1. Hezbollah did not mean to kill the Israeli reserve soldiers in particular. It just so happened that the people who were hit and killed turned out to be reservists. I don't know how they can choose to kill civilians or not, but I'm not against the idea of them doing it... simple because Israel is doing it.

Israel started it as well.

2. Israel's artillery and planes are only as good as American Artillery and planes because... they'er American. Let me also remind you that the M-109 (That's the thing that looks like a tank with tracks but in fact has the a 155mm cannon which is longer and swivels to much larger angles) is an American artillery piece which was first made in 1963 and was used in the 1973 War (by Israel).

It is true that they can identify targets much much better than man other armies; with the use of intelligence information from the US, non-manned drones, aerial reconnaissance and any agents they might have in the region but these aren't the arguments to use. Even if they could fire exaclty where they wanted... they're obviously choosing (regardless of their ability to fire at civilian areas under the dillusion that Hezbollah operatives are there.

Or maybe it's as I said on my blog: They just want to piss the fuck out of the Lebanese at Hezbollah. They're also taking revenge and showing them what will and can happen when Israeli soldiers are kidnapped.

In short, they are terrorizing the Lebanese.

Basically, your argument on that is RIGHT ON THE MARK.

(Sorry if it seems I repeated what you said!)

By Blogger Faisal, at August 07, 2006 4:22 PM  

Welcome back. Thought we'd lost you there for a while.

By Anonymous Tarek, at August 09, 2006 8:16 AM  

What would be the best strategy for defeating Hezb'allah, if the one being used by Israel is not good enough? If your country was being attacked by an Iranian proxy force, how would you defend it?

By Anonymous Don Cox, at August 12, 2006 8:30 PM  

In a more civilized way than Israel is doing now for sure.. I mean come on, they have extremely high precision weaponry, and then again they bomb the wrong buildings and kill much more civilians than they should be (Actually one dead civilian is one too much..)

So there are two possibilities:

1) Either Israel is lying and simply not aiming for Hezbollah only


2) They're too stupid and incompetent to handle the high tech stuff they have.

Both cases don't speak much on their behalf..

By Blogger The Sphinx, at August 13, 2006 1:07 AM  

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