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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Where were you the day Zidane Butt-Headed Materazzi?

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It was once said that every American who was alive the day Kennedy was shot remembers where he was when he received the news.
Well, for the 1 billion non-Americans who followed the worldcup final (well, I know somebody in Cleveland, and another in San Francisco who might have watched the game!), we now have a memory to rival J.F.K's assassination: we witnessed the day Zidane went Dodge-ing on Materazzi!!
It doesn't get more dramatic than this. Hell, after seeing the picture of Zidane walking past the world cup, I thought that this is turning into some sort of a Greek tragedy.
I hear that Zidane intends to announce the reason for his moment of insanity in a press conference today. I think Adidas should stop him from doing that. They could spin this whole thing into a comic, or a movie.
People love good mystery!

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