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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


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I really respect Americans today.

For 6 years we had people trying to be more royal than the king, trying to justify every action the US does, only to be left out by Americans who realized today that things have been going in the wrong way for a long time.


America: respect!

And…so long, suckers!!

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Thursday, November 02, 2006


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During a Seinfeld show, Jerry goes to a priest to complain that a member of the priest's church converted from Christianity to Judaism just to tell jokes about Jews. The priest asks "and does this offend you as a Jew?" to which Jerry answers "no! It offends me as a comedian!"

That's pretty much how I feel toward our government. The government actions offend me as a Machiavellian, not only as a citizen.
Take for example the recent Student Unions' fiasco. The security forces (working on auto pilot apparently) had taken students off the ballots of student unions' elections. Just like that. Violence erupted everywhere, and now they can't contain it (not without the usual excursions of Amn Markazy soldiers). The government is blaming the Muslim Brotherhood for the violence, and the Brotherhood (sounds like something straight out of medieval, huh?) is, as usual, playing the victim. It is repetitive. And it is tiring.
So, here is an idea for our cute government officials: Take your hand off the student unions. And while at it, give them some real power to question professors, and university officials about the quality of the education they are receiving.

Of course you may dismiss these suggestions as liberal, or even, God forbid, progressive. But no…we Machiavellians don’t think like that. Let’s face it: those hacks won’t be able to fix something which the NDP great minds weren’t able to even dent forward (education), so no fear there. They might actually get on the back of some loud university professors who (sometimes) demand such things as education reform, and freedom of academic expression, blah, blah, blah…What’s more important is that they will be dismissed as jokes by other students who won’t bother to go vote for them, (or anybody for that matter) come next elections. So you see, there will be zero political participation in the long run, or as NDP papas would call “a step forward”


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A Chance for A Good Contractor To Be A National Hero

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It's Jimmy day!
Here's something I'm losing sleep on: Why haven't Jimmy and Diga tie the knot just yet?!
I know those marriage preparations take like forever. But come on, I'm sure this guy could pull some strings.
She is still trying to know him better. That makes sense. She must be sure who is it she is supposed to spend the rest of her life with. Fair enough.
I'd like to be a fly on one of their dates
Diga: So, are you planning to run for presidency Jimmy?
Jim: I have no intention of doing that. I repeat, No, I don't intend to run at all, all I want to do is to focus at doing a good job in my current position

That should be a good way to kick start an honest relationship!

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Constitutional Amendments Anybody? No?

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Oh, I really miss little Jimmy.
You know what? With all the talk about changing article 76-again!- one begins to wonder which wall to bang his head to when it is time for him to swear to "uphold the Republican system"!
So, here is a little business opportunity: Be ready with 10000 poster sized, confidently-smiling-I'm-the-big-honcho portraits of the leader of our new "crossing". They could be in demand to fill the government offices and adorn our public spaces any of those days now.
Any of those ..... days!

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