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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Redena Bi ElHam... (We Accepted Misery...)

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One of the most eloquent Egyptian proverbs is this:
Redena Bi ElHam Wi ElHam Mesh Rady Bena
...which translates to something like: We accepted misery but it just keeps rejecting us.
When you think about it, this is the worst situation you can be put in in any endeavor you undertake. Settling for a mediocrity and then failing at it. This is gotta be the worst feeling ever. At least if you fail trying to do an unexceptional business, competing for a world championship, or trying to date your dream girl, you'll never have to regret not trying; it is just a game of numbers that you didn't win.
What really sucks is settling for clumsy job, playing in junior league, or courting this seemingly unchallenging girl, just because you thought that it would be easier this way, and then -oh, the irony- failing at it.
I had a creative writing professor who once told me: "Don't write about mediocre characters, they're a dime a dozen, write about exceptional people..they don't have to be successful, but if they fail, they fail exceptionally" then he really looked to me "take a stand for authenticity, write about that!"
I guess you just can't cheat your fate!

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it has also this aspect of giving up and accepting something that is being forced on you but then finding out that this is not even an option.

kinda like giving up on finding a decent mowasla in Cairo and deciding to give up and take a taxi and pay whatever the guy asks for but then no taxi wants to stop for you.

or like the palestinians accepting UN partitioning but then Israel insists on taking more land.

By Anonymous Alaa, at April 09, 2006 12:35 PM  

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