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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Don't Ask

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Stranded. Couldn’t find a better word. Sometimes stranded is a word which is associated with islands. Like in “stranded on an island”. That brings a lot of memories. See, I sometime believe that “no man is an island”, but then again, sometime he is. Not even an island, a drop of water in the middle of the ocean. Can it get any lonelier? What is really troubling—yes troubling, not dramatic, or sad, just troubling –is that other drops are unaware of their need the moment this need is about to be satisfied. What I mean is: here you have a droplet of water which is about to meet another one to form a nice bigger drop, which will be smashed to million other ones later in the story, granted, but let’s say that this drop is about to meet this other drop, only to find out that you know what? Why not hold out for a while. Can anybody, any drop be that stupid? Of course both drops would smash to/cuddle in other drops eventually, it s inevitable. But what’s in the wait for A and B? I’ve read somewhere, yeah an interview of Sting in some Reader’s Digest, that the whole point of music is to actually frame silence. Interesting. So maybe the whole idea of being in that sort of bonding with the other droplet is to appreciate/despise the former/latter state of loneliness. This way it makes sense. Delayed gratification, then. I heard somewhere that we’re in the era of instant gratification. Right? I don’t know, but imagine what happens when one droplet wants instant gratification, while the other is trying to delay it. Total mess. One would be pushy, the other would be aloof. Nobody likes pushy, aloof droplets of water. Uha!

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I wouldnt take anything Sting says literally, but Stranded by Rainbow is a great song.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at April 05, 2006 7:44 PM  

Dude, you need to cut down on acid!

By Anonymous Ashraf Kamel, at April 07, 2006 7:37 PM  

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