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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Take Off Your Yellow Posters

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Well, according to Osama El-Baz (Mubarak, Sr.'s political advisor), the 'family' doesn't intend on "putting forward the president's 42-year-old son Gamal as a successor".
So, he was sincere all along. Sorry, my bad!
Kefaya, enough already. No inheritance of presidency...Yay!

My call: it is sooner than what everybody expects!

P.S.: Is it just me, or is this excellent portrait of Gamal, by Bahgoury in Ahram Weekly, a little more critical than the caption would like us to believe?

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That would be surprising as mubarak said it several times & so did gamal too.
Now the point is,Hypothetically speaking, if they change theri minds about the presidency, those who dont want gamal as president, what is their objection based on, that he isnt qualified & hasnt the leadership qualities, or is personal because he is the son of a president?
I think he would make a good president, he speaks very well, hes well educated & isnt military.
the opposition parties proved they have no solution or democracy between themselves, ayman nour is lousy & so is the MB...who else is on the list?

By Blogger jokerman, at March 15, 2006 1:54 AM  

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