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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Random Maxims

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The grand master sat with his legs tucked carefully beneath him. He had an aura which held time captive, just as the guards held the mob outside. He took a sip of his fresh, green, cup of tea, stroked his long white beard gently, and started to speak slowly, albeit impatiently:
"So what are you coming for son?"
The tiny student fretted relentlessly, but tried to maintain his composure nevertheless "I came to you for wisdom Grandmaster"
"What kind of wisdom son?"
"Wisdom that will hold me from hating my enemies, but prevent me from indulging my friends" the student answered immediately.
"Well...do you have a pen?"
"Actually I have something better" the student answered with a smile on his face, as he took out his tablet pc from between his rags.
"Well, well, I guess you're ready" the grandmaster said as his eyes fixed forward as if he was talking to the ether. The student nodded his head as he held the stylus firmly.
"get this...
It is easy being a hero when no one else is in the room
The student looked puzzled, but started writing nevertheless. The grandmaster continued:
The worst kind of loneliness is that inside your head
The student now looked really confused, but the thought of interrupting his master never crossed his head. The master's eyes narrowed, as he spoke these final words:
When in the market for thought, take a cue from the market of food; The smartest stand in the shortest queue
Upon uttering those words, the master reclined in his chair, and looked to the student who gathered his stuff and half-kneeled to his master.
"Thank you Grandmaster. These would be words that I'll teach my sons to teach theirs"
"Slick, huh?" the master said with a smile on his face
"Totally cool" the student said "You're da man!"
The master smiled "Now get the hell out of here!" the master yelled.
The student bowed, and walked out hesitantly!
Just before he crossed the door, the master called "And make sure to check this out. Now GO!"

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