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Sunday, February 26, 2006

This is Just Stupid

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Here is the result of the phobic mindset induced by thousands of cassette sheikhs and satellite imams (true story):
A man hails a taxi. The taxi stops. The man seems like a very old and kind man with a white beard and wearing a white dress. He asks the taxi driver to take him down the street. The taxi driver let him in. The man sits in the rear seat. The taxi moves for about 200m when somebody else hails the taxi. The taxi stops (normal in Egypt!). The man asks to go a specific place before he steps into the car (also normal in Egypt). The driver answers by telling the man that it's OK, but they'll have to first drop the old guy in the back. "What old guy?" the man asks. "The one in the back!" the driver answers as he points to the old guy. The man is truly angered; "you seem like a crazy driver, there is no one back there" the man says "if you don't want to go, just say so". The man walks away, and the driver is really puzzled. 200m later, the same incident happens again. The driver is really frightened. He looks to the old man. The old man looks back and says "listen, I didn't intend to tell you, but I'm Azrael, and I'm here to take your soul away" Now, the driver is really petrified. The old guy continues "but, you have been given a chance to repent. Go to any mosque immediately and pray until it's your time" The driver, who is still shattering with fear, drives to the nearest mosque, leaves the car outside, with Azrael inside, and runs right into the mosque. He prays, and prays for a couple of hours, but nothing happens. An hour later he goes out of the mosque, and to his surprise.....he doesn't find the car!!

Ha...he had it coming!
I'm becoming so mean!!

Moved on!


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