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Monday, February 20, 2006

Democracy From Above

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Normally I don't like to do the "hey I thought that was cool, I'm gonna blog about it" thing. But this thing is really C.O.O.L!
It is the closest Bush will get to implementing his "spread peace and prosperity into every oppressed corner of the middle-east" sound bites.
This is an inflatable parliament (German) that can be, conveniently enough, dropped from air in regions where it is deemed necessary to spread democracy, and prosperity! The thing becomes ready for housing parliamentary meetings in less than 90 minutes! (still longer than the attention span of most of our parliamentarians, but we can work with that!)

Remember, however, that it was me who proposed that the speaker's chair be mobile to prevent any attempts of overthrowing the man. I am now sure that, inspired by this project, our government will work on a mobile parliament so as to maintain it's 'grip' on power!

Via "We make money not art", and "Neural"

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