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Thursday, February 16, 2006

"I'm the Man"

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I'm not really sure that you saw this coming, but I'd like to talk today about sexual dysfunction. Yup, that's what you've heard. (A note though: the fact that I'm writing about sexual dysfunction early in the morning is really inconsequential...just don't jump to any conclusions!)
Here is the thing: I spend around 3-4 hours driving everyday, during which I listen to a particular "sexual performance medicine" ad around 90-120 times. It is played ALOT!
Now, I'm not the world's foremost expert on sexual impotence (again, means absolutely nothing!) but I guess that being reminded every 30 minutes that "70% of marriages fail because of man's sexual incompetence", or that "50% of men above 40 have sexual problems" isn't really good for your "performance". As if that wasn't enough, a recent ad they ran suggests that blood pressure medications can affect your performance, but then in a footnote sort of way they say that it is, you know, not appropriate to stop taking your blood pressure medications! "Not appropriate"!!
The funny thing about these ads is that the medicine name is never mentioned. Apparently there are laws in Egypt against that. Now, picture somebody who was really persuaded by this ad; what should he do? He can go ask his doctor about this magic pill. That would be priceless:
Impotent: doctor...I have been having some troubles lately..
Dr: what kind of trouble?
Impotent: you know....those kinds of troubles
Dr: [understanding] ah...ok...I can prescribe you some Viagra..
Impotent: I don't know...why don't we try the 36 hours thing?
Dr: [freaked out] 36 HOURS??!! what in God's name would you do in 36 hours??
Impotent: you know...stuff!
At this point the doctor calls the police suspecting that his patient is some sort of a serial rapist!

But don't despair...I have an alternative solution (inspired by the movie "┘ĆEl-Nom Fel Assal"). Every time you hear this radio ad, take a deep breath and say with all conviction: "I'm not a wimp...I'm the man...I can do it...I can do it" 3 times, and I can promise you that absolutely nothing would happen!

Let the insanity begin!!

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LOLLLLLLL...Gotta love Egypt...

By Blogger Crazy Girl, at February 16, 2006 10:19 AM  

celestera wohooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!1

I love how they bleep the word el gensy from el da3f el gensy. it's a melli second bleeb. el da3f el G*nsy. hehe

By Blogger The Sandmonkey, at February 17, 2006 1:36 PM  

they don't!
they do? never noticed!

By Blogger Tomanbay, at February 17, 2006 6:17 PM  

I write to inform you about a new essay contest launched by the American Islamic Congress on civil rights in the Middle East. Anyone under the age of 26 can enter, and finalists can win up to $2,000 in cash prizes.

The "Dream Deferred Essay Contest" (see http://www.hamsaweb.org ) challenges young Americans and young Middle Easterners to express constructive ideas for individual rights in the world's least-free region.

Judges for the essay contest include Gloria Steinem (founder of Ms. Magazine), the Cato Institute's Tom Palmer, Azar Nafisi (author of Reading Lolita in Tehran), as well as noted Middle Eastern bloggers Ammar Abdulhamid of Syria and Mahmoud Al-Yousif from Bahrain.

We are hoping to awaken young people to the reform efforts of indigenous Middle Eastern progressives and to engage them in this discussion. Several hundred Americans have already submitted essays, but we would like to reach out to students on campus so you can enter before our deadline, on March 31st, 2006.

We encourage you to submit an essay and, if possible, write about the contest in your blog so that as many people can know about this opportunity as possible.

Please feel free contact me at roheet@aicongress.org with any questions or concerns, and thank you in advance.

--Roheet Shah


Program Officer Intern

HAMSA: Hands Across the Mideast Support Alliance


(a project of the American Islamic Congress)

By Anonymous Roheet Shah, at February 17, 2006 6:53 PM  

I have a friend who is a pharmacist who related to me a viagra incident. This guy comes up to him and offers him $50US for a Viagra 'sample'. So the pharmacist says, "why don't you just go to the doctor and get a prescription?" The guy say, "I normally don't need it, but I meet a stewardess on the flight home last night and she is bringing over two of her friends this afternoon and there isn't time to see the doc, plus I don't need it all the time. Whith 3 stewardesses I would like to be prepared." So the pharmasict say, 'wellll, OK'
So the next morning the guy comes back in and the pharmacist sees him picking up a Jar of Heat. He rushes over and says 'Dude, you don't even want to put that on your penis.'
The guy says, "it's not for my penis, the stewardesses never showed, it's for my elbow."


By Anonymous Anonymous, at February 17, 2006 8:02 PM  

Gloria Steinem and the Cato institute?
Sorry, doesn't mix.

By Anonymous Mohamed, at February 17, 2006 10:22 PM  

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