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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Self-referential Logic

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I was talking yesterday about people who take what other people say, dress it in their demons, and go on a crusade trying to dismiss those daemons.
Well, this post has nothing to do with them, except that maybe the Einstein who put up this sign was pulling some existential, post-modern, philosophical joke on the current state of the Egyptian blogsphere. Whatever! It is just funny.

From Gridskipper:
This Manila sign hanging above an escalator in the Greenbelt 3 mall appears to warn you not to bump your head on the sign warning you not to bump your head on the sign that [brain explodes]. OK, ostensibly, the point of the sign is to alert morons that if they lean over the escalator and look down, their head may be caught by the rising action of the escalator between the handrail and the horizontal beam above. Fair enough. But you’re still going to bump your head on that sign, man, unless you read it, and then … God, I don’t know what happens. Maybe this?

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