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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Wake Up, Stupid!

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Our mainstream media is funny! Yeah it is corrupt, mercenary, and downright manipulative, but the extreme it is pushing it's limits to is bordering on comedy.
Take the last fiasco Mubarak caused with his less than diplomatic remarks about Shiites in Iraq. Our media is handling the thing, the same way Shaggy would: "Say it wasn't me!" They're just simply, and naively ignoring the thing, as if it didn't happen at all. They even cut out the whole part about Shiites from Mubarak's interview in TV reruns and newspapers. It just didn't happen. It is that easy for them. The fact that nearly every single Egyptian house has a satellite dish on it's roof with access to all sorts of news (and I'm not even talking about internet) doesn't seem to phase them a bit. It just didn't happen.
The irony: just beneath Mubarak's censored interview in Ahram, is an article by Ossama Government Agent Saraya, Ahram's editor in chief, trying to apologetically explain what the president really meant with his remarks!! We're like "what remarks Oss guy?, we just erased them from our brains, your Ahram says it isn't so...it must be then!"

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You know, Ive been monitoring the issue as well, and would have written something about it if it werent for the fact that you beat me to it Tomanbay.

What you said is 100% true.

I was actually discussing the issue (before Mubarak and Mr.Saraya came out with their "explanation") with a co-worker. I mentioned that I thought Mubarak said a very stupid thing during that interview he had with Al Arabeya. Not only that, the man actually said something along the lines of: those other asian types or something like it during the interview when he was discussing the different ethnicities in Iraq.

El Sharq El Awsat Newspaper (The Middle East Newspaper) had it as front page news that all shiite groups and politicians demanded an apology from Mubarak for his remarks. And right they are to demand one too!

What I can say, sadly, is that lots of people believe in the government press. They will be talking about how these stupid Iraqis misunderstood the President and that they should look to their own affairs instead of attacking someone who was trying to help them. They will also probably make remarks like: After all that we did to help them get rid of Saddam, this is what they say. The deserved Saddam, let them all burn in hell.

I've heard those kind of remarks anytime the Iraqis criticized something Egyptian or whatever.

It's pathetic that the oldest and most widely circulated publication in the Arab world stoops to such a shameful level. I just wish that those pathetic journalists would stop kissing ass and carry out their jobs like they're supposed to.

By Blogger Faisal, at April 11, 2006 10:09 PM  

The world has been laughing at Bush and his Bushisms for a while now. They had no idea what they've been missing all these years. Egyptians, pioneers as ever, had been aware of the biggest comedian/disaster zone in history, Mubarak. I wonder if Bush's comedy will have the same longevity.....

By Anonymous Anonymous, at April 12, 2006 5:01 PM  

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