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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Let The Comics Begin...

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I really believe in the power of comedy. Especially in a country like Egypt. The day we start cracking jokes (because if you haven't noticed, it had been a very long time since there were any good new jokes), is the day I know that this country is getting back on track.
Anyways, I followed closely the last American presidential elections, and the one thing that I really admired was JibJab's cartoons (check those out in sequence:This Land, Good to Be in DC!, Second Term).
I think it is often the case that laughing at something is the first step towards making sense of it, and feeling empowered enough to be able to confront it. (Some may argue that it is a sort of an adapting mechanism; so instead of rejecting something, you learn to accept it and live with it--maybe).
The reason I am mentioning that is that somebody recently sent me this link, which is, umm, ok. Certainly not the best (and borrowed extensively from Sims :-;), but it can be the start towards having real political parody.
So, to the creatives out there: I am giving you ideas, do your thing!
To everybody else: have you heard of any good jokes recently? Share!

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