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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

How To Not Get Caught By Police in Egypt

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It is becoming increasingly harder and harder to evade being caught by the Egyptian police. If you want to pass this privilege, here are your options:
  • Be Powerful: Seek a powerful position that grants you immunity from random police arrests. Something like a judge (not any judge, try to be the President of Northern Cairo's Courts). Or better, a Member of the parliament.
  • Be Cool: Avoid all sorts of political or religious debates, and run to Dahab (Arabic) or Sharm to mingle with Russian hotties. (Two of the three names mentioned in the article as being arrested are friends of mine, so I know why they were in Dahab--and it wasn't to pop any bombs)
  • Be Rocking: Don't even move outside Cairo. Just go to heavy metal parties and head-bang your night away.
  • Be a Fan: Just go to the stadium and support your team!
  • Be Religious: Just go to your local mosque, pray, and stay there (are you kidding me?!!)
  • Be Friends with Zakaria Azmy (Arabic): Well, this will buy you some time, but again nothing is guaranteed in this country
As being a blogger still didn't make it to the list, I guess I'll just shut up now...You never know how far is too far when pushing your luck over here in Egypt.

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HAHAHA! Thanks for the link to the BBC article. It made my day! Moonwalks on the roundabouts?!!?! Suddenly, Saudis seem a lot more interesting than I realized! Here's my favorite part:

Instead, Mohammed's pet grumble is about the banning of Michael Jackson. This, he wrote, "is one of the things that bugs me most". The authorities even black out Jackson's name when his songs appear on compilation albums.

"In the 1980s," Mohammed continued, "Saudis started dressing like him, copying his hairstyle and doing moonwalks on the roundabouts. This is the reason most people give me about why his stuff is not allowed here.

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