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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Egyptian Soldiers: Tragedy Updated

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I have some info that the number of soldiers killed in Rafah is actually more than 2. Some people are saying the number is as high as 20. Whatever is the right number, I agree with some commentators who are placing most of the blame on the officers who refused to allow the soldiers to fire back. I wouldn't say that it is all their fault, but it is certainly the fault of an accountability-evading culture in the army, which actually praises chickening out from shouldering responsibility and discourages personal from taking matters into their own hands.
Even when bullets are flying over their heads!
That's just depressing.

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Do you think this is accurate (number up to 20)?

By Blogger Seneferu, at January 11, 2006 2:28 AM  

yeah...do u think this is the best place to discuss my sources?!
seriously though, if u did notice, El-Ahram didn't publish the names of the slain soldiers on the next day to the incident, they only published the names of the injured. most probably, by then they hadn't decided who r the 2 yet.

By Blogger Tomanbay, at January 11, 2006 4:57 AM  

A massacre would have taken place if the officers ordered the soldiers to fire back. If the Egyptian soldiers killed those palesntinian outlaws, the groups would retaliate back at inside Egypt with bombings like those of sharm el shiekh in the heart of cairo

By Anonymous Anonymous, at January 11, 2006 12:28 PM  

I can see where r u going with this. But caving for terrorists is even more dangerous.
I have a problem with ur logic, though. I am as a paragmetist as they come, but sacrificing a couple of egyptian soldiers every once in a while to appease the militant groups, isn't really in my book

By Blogger Tomanbay, at January 11, 2006 3:23 PM  

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