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Monday, February 27, 2006

Thoughts of an Uninvited Guest

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Yesterday was a time for chain-emails, holding grudges for the bride, and contemplating the age difference. Today, however, I think there is a more serious matter to be discussed; what the hell does that have to do us? (Especially now that I didn't receive any invitation for the engagement on Friday yet...Jimmy, don't expect me to come if you invited me in the last minute!!)
Well, I guess it has a lot to do with us.
Trying to be a public figure in Egypt, let alone president, without being married, is just asking for trouble. It is just the way it is. We're talkative people, with dirty little minds. Got it? Plus, there is a lot of emotional stress in sitting through those state dinners while another president is cuddling his snuggly, shuggly first lad-ee.
So, to be president you have to get married.
That's one part.
The other part has to do with the local councils elections which were postponed for 2 years without any obvious reasons. As you know, the way things are, only the NDP has enough representatives (in parliament and local councils) to back the nomination of Gamal Mubarak a candidate. If any other party (or a forbidden political group..huh?) wanted to field a contestant they had to get some sort of backing from representatives at local councils. Delaying the elections means that they won't be able to have this backing before 2 years.
So, to be president you have to run alone for elections.
That's the second part.
If we combined the two we find out that for Gamal Mubarak to be president he has to be married, and to run alone for elections. The second part is only guaranteed during the next 2 years. So my guess is: we'll have a presidential election during those 2 years.
I'm just dying to see the reason they will come up with to do that. (And no Jimmy, you can't take your dad hunting!!)

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