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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Egyptian FM Exposes CIA - accidentally!

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Un-true to form, Egypt seems to be getting into all sorts of international troubles these days. I've just learnt about the French aircraft carrier yesterday, only to be surprised that the Swiss secret service (I know!) had intercepted a fax from the Egyptian foreign minister, Ahmed Abou El-Gheit, to the Egyptian embassy in UK which is throwing light on CIA secret prisons in Romania, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Macedonia and Ukraine.
Well, well. I know, with all theses countries' names thrown around, faxes, Swiss secret service, and information about underground prisons, it is sounding more and more like a bad Roger Moore Bond movie, but wait there is more.
According to Spiegel Online, the "very professional" Egyptian secret service had unearthed some information about 23 Iraqi and Afghani prisoners, and forwarded it to the foreign ministry, which in turn forwarded it to the Egyptian embassy in the UK (for heads up maybe?, I don't know). The fax, which was sent via satellite, and written in French, was intercepted by the Swiss secret service in November, and was only leaked to a newspaper called SonntagsBlick over this weekend. The information is causing a lot of waves in Europe, prompting at least 3 European countries to start investigations into the illegal use of their soil, or airspace to transport the detainees.
Well, I don't know what to make of that. But this whole 24-ish plot seems fishy to me. Whether this is a Wag-the-dog scenario or a cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-die truth is anybody's guess at this point. We should just wait and see.
P.S. it is all over the internet, if you want more sources, click here

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Mihail Kogalniceanu base was used for interrogating terror suspects

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