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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Boycott America!

Moved on! Check TheCairoCalls

There are two main reasons for the action I'm starting today:
  1. I'm a fanatic FOOTBALL fan
  2. Boycotts apparently work
This is one thing that I feel strongly about.
For years and years we had to suffer the humilation of having our most beloved sport called a name other than it's own. Every day we had to endure hearing that stupid term, without responding back, added to our misery. We were shut-up, and silenced by America's greedy corporate machines.
But, it's over. The silence is over. The humulation is over.
Today, we're inspired by the Maradonnas, Peles, and Ronaldos of the world. Today we end the wait. Today we break the silence. Today we say it:


We'll be posting here a list of ALL American products for you to boycott.
Today we redeem the honors of Wembley, Old Trafford, Camp Nou, Maracana, Cairo Int'l, and Aztec. We won't stop until the Yanks cut the crap, and give us back the name of our game. Football is a real sport, and not a game you have to wear a jock strap for!

To show your solidarity, and add a badge to your website, copy this code into your page template

<a href="http://tomanbay.blogspot.com/2006/01/boycott-america.html" title="Boycott America, Say NO to soccer"><img src="http://static.flickr.com/38/92749421_bb123db0e4_o.jpg" alt="boycott" height="85" width="200" /></a>

May the ball be with you!

update #1: Preparing the list of ALL American products is taking more time than I imagined. Here are some IT related for starters: Internet, Intel Processors, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office(can you imagine that?, it is American!), OS X, Google.com, Blogger.com (uh, oh!)...update you again in a while...keep the revolution alive!

update #2:
Well, it turns out that blogger.com isn't really American, you see Sergey Brin isn't really American, so we're in the clear comrades! Anyways, here is the hourly instalment of Yankee-trash: KFC, Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Hardees ( :( ), Pepsi, Coke (yeah, yeah, handover the can kid!), nike (gimme my 3 stripes!), and Durex!(Is it? let me check...ah...it is...sorry!)...keep on dribbling!

update #3: While we are at it: what's up with this World Series thing? We are the world, we've never been invited! Why do you call a game where two teams across town from each other play World Series?! Stop that! or else we'll carry on with the boycott!

update #4: All football fans should recite the following pledge before each game: "I Swear on this amazing game I shall no longer refer to it as Soccer. Football it is all the way!!" Thanks Neil

Moved on!


Origin of "Soccer"

Soccer is an abbreviation for Association Football.

The "Football Association" was formed in London in October 1863 when representatives of eleven clubs and schools met in an attempt to standardize the rules of the game.

One of the rules prohibited the carrying of the ball, a rule that would lead to the Rugby-oriented clubs leaving the Association several months later.

The name "Association Football" was coined to distinguish it from "Rugby Football".

By 1889, the abbreviation socca' was in use, and the spelling soccer had made its appearance by 1895.

So it is NOT an American thing in terms of its origin, but obviously the term in used in the US to distinguish it from "American Football".

So, it has nothing to do with "greedy corporate machines."

So, boycott "American Football" games and the Superbowl final next week! ;-)


By Anonymous Anonymous, at January 30, 2006 1:47 AM  

Go Steelers!

By Blogger starbender, at January 30, 2006 5:21 AM  

The reason we call it soccer is because in the States men play football and women play soccer. If you have a daughter she may want to play "football" soccer, a son should be a linebacker.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at January 31, 2006 1:33 AM  

yeah right!

By Blogger Tomanbay, at January 31, 2006 2:27 AM  

Just to set you straight on the "World Series" ...

The first ever series between the American League and National League was sponsored by a publication called "The World" and hence the series was called "The World Series".
Although the sponsorship ended long ago, the term remains, and granted with a slightly different slant.
But the origins were entirely innocent.

By Blogger TLR, at January 31, 2006 2:23 PM  

I Swear on this amazing game I shall no longer refer to it as Soccer. Football it is all the way!!!!!!

By Blogger Neil, at February 01, 2006 12:04 PM  

Now...thats the spirit...this pledge is becoming official as of now!

By Blogger Tomanbay, at February 01, 2006 12:22 PM  

i left after spring 02? When did you go there?

By Blogger Memz, at February 02, 2006 11:46 PM  


By Blogger Tomanbay, at February 02, 2006 11:59 PM  

Personally I really don't give a shit one way or another what you think or how you feel. I think of SOCCER as being a boring game. I can remember when Dick Butkus from the Chicago Bears actually caused fatal injury to a man in a tackle. I'm certain that SOCCER also has it's really interesting moments. In reality, we will call it what we want since it is our game, and if the nations of the world decide to take up FOOTBALL then the issue could be examined for the sake of clearing things up. In the meantime, if you want to boycot American products, be my guest, I'm pretty much unconcerned. Besides, SOCCER will never gain any true dignity as a sport in the USA. Americans just aren't interested enough. That's why our international team always sucks because there isn't enough support from the fans to maintain a quality team. Have fun with your boycott.

P.S. My email is wonderweirdo2002@yahoo.com I hope to hear from you soon.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at June 22, 2006 12:40 PM  

Sure, Canada won the World Series in 1992 and 1993 (Toronto Blue Jays), so the World Series is not only American.

Maybe use a dash for distinguishing

Foot-Ball: European/global World Cup

Football: NFL Super Bowl type

By Anonymous Anonymous, at July 23, 2006 6:07 AM  

Considering the term "Soccer" came from YOU as explained above and it's not something WE made up to be cool, who gives a shit? Especially enough to make a faggety-ass webpage about it. Do you just have a ton of time on your hands or what? You should be boycotting Chinese goods anyway unless you want to be limited to 2 kids before you know it...

By Anonymous Anonymous, at December 28, 2006 9:38 AM  

Well, if you are going to boycott (personcott?) because of the word football; shouldn't you boycott Australia for misusing the word with Australia Rules Football? After all, Aussie Rules, or footie as they say, is nothing like soccer. They use their hands!!!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at August 03, 2007 3:05 AM  

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