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Friday, June 09, 2006

Inventory Check

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I am a bit frustrated with the whole situation in Egypt nowadays, well more than a bit, but you get the idea.
But despair was never a solution. So here we go again...
Ah...this and the fact that some blogs are getting so damn annoying, and tedious had motivated me to start writing here again. So, yeah, I'm here to get this party started.
Nah, I'm kidding. But seriously, is it just me or is continuing to list ways in which Muslims are ignorant scumbags, going ballistic about the fall of secularism in Somalia (yeah, because you know, Somalia was the beacon of secularism all along!), or bitching about the rise of communism in Bolivia...a bit, you know, as irritating as reading about the unprecedented performance of the Egyptian economy (we're the only country whose leading newspaper can have a headline like "An impressive recovery for the Egyptian Stock Exchange" next to a chart for the market index going down faster than a meteor!)
Plus, during my short time off I was able to watch such goodies as this video (dead link, sorry) by current parliamentarians, and ex-policemen. Tells you a lot about the fascist state we had become. And also reminds me of a couple of "prominent" bloggers whom I suspect are getting into some sort of a "serious" relation. Just watch the parallels between their recent blog entries. But, I'm not gonna say who. I'm not outing anybody here!
Anyways, the reason I'm writing to you is not to bash anybody, nah, that's not what I'm about. Instead I'm asking you to help me in a little thing I'm trying to do.
You see, when facing any situation or a problem, you have to have a clear idea of what are the elements that pertain to that situation, right? So, I'm doing a bit of an inventory check (which might turn out to be a sort of reality check as well) of who are really the players in the whole 'situation' we're having in Egypt...Here is the run down:
  • Mubarak: for all what matters the man could be clubbing in St Tropez right now. Really, where are you ya raees, we're missing the gridlocks!
  • Mubarak: (Jr, duh!) the lovestruck sweet heart IS clubbing in St Tropez right now. Of course enroute between Cairo, and Washington. This man has to be cut some slack...most people find it hard as it is to propose to one prospective father-on law; this guy has to appease Diga's dad in Cairo, and Big Daddy in Washington. The tragedy!
  • MB (Muslim Bros..yeah...I know...so ghetto!) Well, roll calls at their meeting should be a real challenge. If they continue being arrested at this rate, they'd be extinct before Haifaa takes off another piece of clothes (very narrow timeframe, believe me). Their positions: well, we're against the government, but won't field enough candidates to overthrow it; we're against succession, but we don't plan to run against Gamal; and we support the judges, but our car broke on our way to Ramses to support them!
  • The judges: where are the judges?! (no, seriously please tell me, I'm getting worried)
  • Kifaya: Still struggling. Do you really think that going to international courts against abusing officers is a good idea to repair the foreign-funded-traitors image some ordinary people have? (I'm just thinking out loud, seriously!)
  • Nazif: everytime you try to brush off the "nerd" image, you come off as the "angry little man/mouthpiece". "Nerd" is better if you ask me. Embrace who you really are Nizi!
Here you are..who am I missing? Help me out please!

(Anything north of 2 comments is considered a riot in this blog apparently!)

Moved on!


What about the press? (Preferably the opposition press). They're certainly gaining influence as time passes. Other than that I think you just summed them all up.

I can also relate to the "Anything north of 2 comments.." part ;-)

By Blogger The Sphinx, at June 10, 2006 1:24 AM  

Actually I read something about Jimmy Mubarak being gay!

By Blogger Hind Rostom, at June 10, 2006 9:24 AM  

what about the security services? maybe u summed them up with Mubarak but they are a force all in their own right with huge influence over what happens and when. a small example is the fact that habib el 3adly is still around three terrorist attacks and countless public beating later. they have specific interests and want to maintain them, and any kind of liberlazition or scrutiny of their actions is a direct threat. "Al amn wa al istikrar"

there is also the army, the biggest and most profitable institution in egypt

and lastly, like it or not, the US. its not that what they say goes, but which ever way they lean, mubarak or other, will have a huge effect (just ask Hamas)

Nazif and jimmy are pretty much the same thing, and without the boy king Nazif would be powerless.

Kifaya, with all due respect of course, still dont have the ability or the mass appeal to change things, they can cause disturbances, and piss off some people, make the government look bad, but not really change things.

By Blogger elsiquosiquo, at June 11, 2006 3:36 PM  

well... the anything north of 2 comments can be blamed on you analysing everything in such a way that leaves us nothing else to add (could be)

i believe you summed it all more or less, the army could do something but i think they are too armied out to think or cause change, plus i doubt that if there was ever another "zobaat a7rar" movement that the current "king" would leave peacefully or actually order his "7arass el malaky" to stand down, it would get violent, none of that masry ye7areb masry-king farouk bullshit happening here anytime soon

no one stands a chance against Jimmy and we all know it, we're just praying something else happens

By Blogger KareemFromEgypt, at June 13, 2006 6:57 PM  

hmmm..where to begin?! there is so much to say when trying to tackle the topic of the egyptian government/economy these days.
The Egyptian pound and half pound are coins now and will be disseminated slowly but surely within the next year- we all know that this means deflation of the currency...there r rumors of a 500 pound bill as well, not sure yet about the validity yet. The gas prices will be on the rise soon (the more they say it won't- the higher it will go!) once that happens we will have an all out riot...
I work in communications and deal alot with the media scene, suffice to say i REALLY get fed up of going through the papers and seeing whats new out there, cause it all sounds the freakin same day in- day out! of course the stock market is on the rise- egypt is never affected by general market fluctualtions!! begad shwayet ay kalam!!
As for the government talk (and this is one's opinion) DRASTIC measures MUST be taken, and a major change in rule/law/ruling person(s) should be done to have some sort of an effect, and this has to applied to the masses as well as the yuppy snobs..we should be freed of wastaa and all that crap so that the coutry can start getting back on track....
its a looooong waaay to go, lets hope it gets there in our lifetime

By Blogger stillsmokin', at June 26, 2006 2:46 PM  

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