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Sunday, February 12, 2006

It's 12 PM in London, And This is The BBC. Our Guest For Tonight is Tomanbay!!!

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I'll have to admit I am absolutely, utterly, vehemently, enthusiastically excited!
It seems like I'll be on BBC's Radio Five Live, on a program called "Up All Night" tomorrow (Monday)...still don't know the time, but I'll tell you as soon as I find out.
They called me yesterday, and I'll have to admit I was a bit nervous. We talked about the ACN final match on Friday, and I think I stuttered a bit. I even did a major broadcasting faux-pas, which is using a word for the first time (if you're curious it's raunchy...I said ranchy..I thought it had something to do with ranches!!...it made sense!)
This is not the first time for me with the media. I appeared on TV, was interviewed by Al-Jazeera, and the CNN, and had numerous bits in newspapers (it's true), but this is especially important to me, because it was done in recognition of an effort that I'm doing in something which I consider, for better or worse, a hobby. The other times it was mainly for my position, without regard to how good I was.
Anyways, I think this wraps my Africa Cup of Nations coverage nicely (I might only do one postscript thing, as there are somethings which are worth noting about the tournament).
I hope you all tune-in your browsers on Monday night for the bit (nothing more than 2-3 minutes, mind you). I'll tell you the details as soon as I get them. Thank you!

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Congratulations, Tomanbay on the BBC interview!
Congratulations for Egypt the deserved win!
Keep it up, buddy

By Blogger Jimmy, at February 12, 2006 7:08 PM  

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