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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Shy Love

Moved on! Check TheCairoCalls

I read that at Sandmonkey's, and was a bit surprised:
There have been rumors in Egypt of a meeting between the NDP and the MB, where the NDP offered the MB about 30% of the parliament in the next election, thus giving them significant opposition powers, in exchange of the MB supporting Gamal Mubarak when he runs for President of Egypt and not make a big stink over it. The MB now are denying that such a meeting took place, but NDP leaders insist that it did. Someone's lying, and given the reputation of both organizations, it could easily be either one.

The reason I was surprised wasn't that I didn't think that this is possible, but rather because I was under the impression that the MB is the one insisting that those meetings happened (Arabic - English m/t here), while NDP's Safwat El-Sherief clearly denied it.
Isn't that sweet? They're both now out of the closet on this. Be Proud!

Moved on!


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