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Monday, May 08, 2006

Egyptian Magna Carta (cont'd)

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Article 2:
The Emergency law isn't a popular concern. And, it's not on the "public agenda". Don't make a fuss about it.

(i.e. the fact that we can round you up, abuse you, then kidnap you isn't really your thing. We give you freedom, we take it as we see fit, and we determine what's on your agenda)
Gamal Mubarak, Egypt's next monarch

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This is really upsetting. What can we do to help the bloggers who've been arrested? I sort of feel like emailing embassies is a big ol' waste of time.

By Blogger Anna in Portland (was Cairo), at May 08, 2006 12:04 PM  

it is a waste of time...especially emailing embasies here in cairo..I dont know what exactly to do at this stage...which is depressing...but most of the similar cases I witnessed, the guys were released after a couple of weeks in prison...just get them to fear the system a bit and then let them go...
of course at those instances, the government wasn't behaving as wildly as it is now...my greatest fear is trying to teach dissidents a lesson through those kids...thats why I guess it was easy for us to know whats happening for them inside the prisons (torture, abuse, etc...). I have seen a case when a guy was locked up for a couple of weeks and we hadn't the slightest idea where he was, or how he was being treated...but at that time the government was trying to show a nice face and sympasize with the ppl (it was at the time of iraq's invasion)...now, I guess they want these news to get out

By Blogger Tomanbay, at May 08, 2006 1:24 PM  

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