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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Ramadan a la Egypte part 1 (The battle of the Telecoms)

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It's an established fact that Egyptians are, well, different. And that's no exception in Ramadan. I'll try in this series of entries to shed some lights on some of the more fascinating Egyptian peculiarities during Ramadan.

If you have watched TV, listened to the radio, or browsed through any newspaper during the last two weeks, you'd surely encounter an ad for Vodafone or Mobinil. Which seemed like the norm, until you take a closer look at what messages those ads are sending.
While Mobinil ad seems rather comic, and well executed as opposed to less than imaginative ones for Vodafone, there are more than meets the eye in Voda's ads. They seem to be enthusiastically pursuing the religious tone in their ads. They have an ad featuring Sami Youssef's latest hit, an offer for free roaming minutes during Omra, and a sponsorship for a religious pre-Iftar program on Nogom-FM for Khaled El-Geindi, among other things.

It's rather interesting to see where all of these is going especially in the light of the fact that Mobinil's top levels can only push in that direction so far (being owned by a prominent Egyptian Christian family, they don't have the luxury really).
God bless the multinationals!

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