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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Outrageous Foreign Policy

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Now, that's a guy I don't know much about, so my attack isn't really preconceived, but rather a spontaneous-wtf-we're-turning-to-such-wussies kind of outrage. Ahmed Abou El Ghaet, the Egyptian FM, is well spoken, eloquent, and can really tie a neck-tie (watch out for his "full Windsor", it's a real sight, and no "Windsor" is not one of 'it's" names!), just like most diplomats, but other that I am having a hard time finding any more merits (other than raising hell against Nigeria over a UN-veto-power pipe dream). Instead what we're treated to almost daily are constant and repetitive reminders of our complete helplessness when it comes to handling foreign affairs, and carrying ourselves as any respected nation. We're constantly insulted and reminded how a huge waste of oxygen we're turning to be - at least on the international arena. You'd think that after the Egyptian ambassador (AMBASSADOR, for God's sake!!) was slaughtered in Iraq without anything as much as a sending an investigation team to make sure that he is actually dead, or even issuing one of our world famous vehement press releases, our government, whose head just sworn to "defend this country's interests", would step in and try to, at least, improve it's foreign diplomacy image. Rather, it continues to amaze me with its unmatched ability to have absolute apathy to its citizen's rights and dignity. Most recently we were treated to a couple of those shinning examples. Both on the same day. I was watching 'El Beit Betak' (the most over-hyped program in TV) and they had a segment about the Egyptian citizen who was wrongly detained in Guantanamo for 4 years. That's 4, fuckin' years for God's sake. Now, I don't care about your politics. I don't care what's your position on the war on terrorism, or if you have one in the first place. But if you think that a government which can muster the audacity to completely ignore the fact that one of it's citizens was held in military captivity, was tortured mercilessly by some of the sickest fucks the world have ever seen, and was permanently deformed as result, is a government that has a mandate to govern supposedly free, and dignified people, then there is something seriously wrong with you. The other incident was that of the Qatari prince who hit some Egyptian teenagers with his car, killed them, and ran to the airport, and then to his country, with plausible help from Egyptian police, and who, they're trying to convince us, is held in the custody of the Qatari authorities. Now, that's the other extreme end of the spectrum. I can understand if we can't object to whatever obscenities the US can commit against an Egyptian professor (we have made our choices regarding our relation to the US along time ago), but if we cannot stand up to Qatar (that's a tiny Gulf state, the size of Manhattan, with a population of 120,000 , for the uninitiated) then I really can't see any use for our foreign policy. We might as well rent out the foreign ministry; it will turn out much needed cash that can be bumped into the pockets of more fat, ignorant, narrow minded officials, who have utter disregard to our dignity, and humanity. And to think that the TV anchor had the nerves to actually say that 'Egyptian parents are partly responsible for the accident because they should keep a close eye on where their sons and daughters go so as to avoid those kinds of accidents'...this is really up there. I can't think of anything to say...What the fuck do you expect the 'Egyptian parents' to do??? Do you want them to stop their children from going on the street at all? Because that's exactly what those poor kids were doing; they were walking in the street. Instead of demanding accountability from the police, the foreign minister, the prime minister, and the president, you're lecturing the 'Egyptian parents' on how to raise up their children?!!!!! Come on...cut the crap...really cut it...all of you…That's too much!!!!

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