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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Welcome on board

Moved on! Check TheCairoCalls

Discolsure: I know the guy, so this can be considered as shamelss promotion. Fine!

El-Zeni Barakat --this Gamal El Ghetany's book is producing too many blogs, isn't it?-- had jumped on the blogging-wagon. He debuts with a lengthy entry on how he thinks Egypt became the country it is now--the highly successful-first-world type that is!.
Keep an eye on that one, but don't come running when he moves on to his, well, let's say, edgier opinions. You've been warned!

Moved on!


Keep blogging! As long as you feel you have something to say there are always people like me who will come around and read it! If we judge how much time we put in with how many people actually sincerely care we might as well give up right away. So most of us, I think, are doing it mostly for ourselves. And because it nice that someone likes to read it. And because we're learning along the way. And because sometimes we actually hit something that proves to be important to many people.

Hope they're not stressing you out at work!

By Blogger ritzy, at October 02, 2005 9:02 PM  

Some may feel squeamish about eating it, but rabbit has a fan base that grows as cooks discover how easy they are to raise — and how good the meat tastes.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at March 05, 2010 5:53 AM  

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