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Friday, September 16, 2005

Scientific Methods

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Ok, ok, I know there are more pressing matters to consider today, like how in bloody hell would we be able to get a good contractor to patch the hole in the wall at this time of the day without actually paying through the nose; or how to fill Zamalek galleries' schedules after everybody's favorite artist decided to take some time out to rediscover his inner self. But I had to write about this.
A friend of mine is just back from the Bay area, where he works, and he had this little story to tell us:

I always wondered about this Um el Donya (Egypt is the mother of the world) thing that we Egyptians are so fond of saying all the time. Anyways, I was sitting in work one day when I discovered that there were people of nearly a dozen nationalities hanging around, so I started asking them if any of them thought that his country was actually Um el Donya. And to my complete surprise, and may I add vindication, not a single person claimed that his country did actually have any maternal relation to the world. Therefore, I concluded that Egypt is surely Um el Donya

Of course if you've ever been to a football match where an Egyptian team played a Tunisian or an Algerian team, you wouldn't be so proud of that title. I can't say what they actually say, but let's just say that they have some genetic claim to the world that the DNA may prove one day.

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