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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Lower expectations = Timid Populace

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Have you ever noticed how Al-Ahram & co tries almost daily to lower the expectations' people have of their government, so that they can rub mediocre accomplishments in our faces and label them as 'exceeding all expectation'.
Take this for example. On September 12th Ahram, a piece on the front page (the farthest I can go in Ahram, without nauseating) claims that "Having a honourable life, and a good education are the top demands for citizens with a limited income"! I guess you have seen thousands of similar pieces, but don't you think that it is absurd to speak about asking your government for an 'honourable life', doesn't that come with the original packaging. Now, I am not saying that we do have it...we don't...but the day I'll have to ask it from somebody, is the day I'd actually rather die. And why they're limiting us to think about honourable, which goes without saying, why not try to have prosperous, satisfying, enriched life.
If we did actually elect this president, as they claim we did, I think a better headline would be (but certainly not on Ahram's frontpage):
"People warn government that their honourable way of life should be respected, or else..."
Uh...would I live to see this day?

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