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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Credit where credit is due

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You may have noticed the new title bar. If you're familiar with modern American painting, you may recognize Norman Rockwell's Freedom of Speech original painting shown here. If not follow this link to learn more about him, and this for a round up of his most prolific series The Four Freedoms. Freedom of Speech is one my favorite paintings. There is something about the man's posture, and the way people are looking up to him both literally and figuratively that is awe-inspiring. A certain power, which although is not easily labeled, is immediately recognized.
I've tried retouching it a little to look a little bit more Egyptian (the tan, the moustache, etc...), but this is in no way an Egyptian reinterpretation of the master piece, which I would actually hope to accomplish some day.

P.S. I know that an explaination of my blog title is a little bit overdue, but it will follow soon, I promise.

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