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Monday, September 26, 2005

"Can you hear me now??"

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Ok, I know that I've been away for a while, but this can be justified by the fact that I had an extreme case of writer's block, combined with a, hopefully unjustified, paranoia about posting from my workplace, which I didn't seem to be able to leave for the last week or so. Normally, that wouldn't matter all that much, as I felt at some points, that I was my only reader, but this changed a lot when I logged in today to find a couple of comments which really made my day.
The first one refers to my post about mySociety.org, and it was written by Tom Steinberg, director of mySociety.org (apparently after putting technorati to good work):

Tom here - director of mySociety. Thanks so much for the kind words! Pledgebank.com is our first site designed to be really international, and we've just added loads of features so that the site really works in countries other than the UK.

We've made it really easy for volunteers to translate the whole site into new languages - you just need to follow the simple instructions on this page www.pledgebank.com/translate . Do you think you could find some person or persons willing to do a translation for your country?
And being the good person I am, I wrote back to him promising that I'll try to sign up people for joining in the translation to Arabic. So here I am. Check out the site, and if you're interested just post a comment with a valid e-mail, and I'll get on with it. (Or, rereading his comment, just go to the link he provided. Try to mention your reference--ME!)
On another note. I am keeping good on my promise to blog about the first 100 days of the presidency, which should officially start tomorrow. It would have been much easier if somebody offered to contribute, but I think I've got enough material to get pastthe first few days. As I imagine it, it would be some sort of West Wingy. I hope I would be able to pull this thing together.
Finally, I am currently working on a post commenting about the maniac pro-Americanism displayed in the Egyptian blogsphere. Two bloggers come to mind: Freedom for Egyptians, and Sandmonkey. I might have gotten myself in very troubled areas (especially with Sandmonkey, him being a monkey and all), but I think it's totally worth it.
More later

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